Interactive Demo
Centerity on Dell NativeEdge
Edge| 24 hrs

Explore how Dell NativeEdge can Orchestrate the deployment of the Centerity Platform and Agent. NativeEdge provides Secure On-Boarding of NativeEdge Endpoints. Centerity is the latest ISV to work together with Dell on the Validated Design for the Retail Edge. Centerity provides customers with Wall to Wall Edge Location Observability. Centerity has developed a suite of sensors to collects KPI (metrics) from legacy and new devices ranging from infrastructure, networks. You can use Centerity to connect with proprietary devices or services using the Centerity Codeless Sensor, observability of unique devices or services can be done in hours, no code creation required. Dozens of devices in thousands of edge locations creates millions of data samples in each time interval. Centerity platform supports aggregating the data coming from all the edge devices into a single server. Centerity observability is vendor agnostic, all metrics from all Edge devices from all edge locations from all vendors are viewed in a single platform, allowing the IT and different support level unique view into the edge while understanding root cause of an incident.

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Author: Jessie LaCome