Interactive Demo
Enterprise Ready AI-Powered Chatbot with Dell Technologies
Artificial Intelligence| 24 hrs

Step into our cutting-edge demonstration environment, meticulously crafted in collaboration with Scalers AI, a trusted Dell partner, as we unravel the intricacies of a generative AI chatbot architecture:

1. Deployment and Configuration: We kick off by deploying and configuring the Llama 2-based chatbot on a high-performance PowerEdge server, ensuring optimal computational resources.
2. Initialization of Untrained Chatbot: Witness the inception of the chatbot's untrained state, representing a clean slate ready to absorb knowledge.
3. Proficiency Enhancement with Dell Content: Employing cutting-edge open-source software, we systematically enhance the chatbot's proficiency by integrating it with Dell-specific content, creating a knowledge reservoir.
4. Activation of Newly Trained Chatbot: Experience the culmination of our efforts as we activate the newly trained chatbot, now elevated with a wealth of Dell-centric intelligence.

This exploration promises to illuminate the technical intricacies of a deployed chatbot, offering insights into its pivotal role in shaping the cognitive framework of our advanced conversational agent. Prepare to witness Dell Technologies' innovation and intelligence convergence in real time.

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Author: Delmar Hernandez