Extend your smart building implementation from only addressing the need for automation, to also focus on how technology can be used to connect and integrate heterogeneous sensors and systems to achieve holistic outcomes like reduction in energy consumption and maintenance costs. The Smart Building Solution by Dell and ICONICS is an end-to-end building automation and intelligence platform that helps visualize, historize, analyze, and mobilize real-time information for heterogeneous devices and enables critical insights into the buildings. The combination of Dell edge hardware and ICONICS solution allows handling of data from as many buildings as required – ranging from a room, a floor, a building, a campus, or an even larger project. It enables building operators to save a considerable percentage of energry and maintenance costs. The data historian allows tracking of energy consumption over any period of time and the robust visualization and analytics engine provides in-depth, easy to comprehend analyses on how energy can be used more efficiently.

In this demo, you will use the digital cities smart building solution powered by ICONICS to explore how smart buildings connect and integrate heterogeneous sensors and systems, and usage information into a central view not only to reduce energy consumption and costs in the use of resources such as heating and cooling, electricity, water, and other utilities, but also to foster safety and security, comfort, well-being, and health of the citizens.

Author: Eric Wong, Flora Phyo, Vijay Gadwal

Learning outcomes


Interactive Demo
VMware Cloud Foundation 5 on Dell VxRail 8.0

See first-hand how VCF on VxRail builds upon native VxRail and Cloud Foundation capabilities with unique Dell Technologies and VMware jointly engineered integration features to help simplify, streamline, and automate operations of your entire SDDC from before and on Day 0 through Day 2 operations.

Interactive Demo
VxRail 8.0

The VxRail 8.0 Interactive Demo covers the deployment, lifecycle management, and maintenance benefits of VxRail automation present in VxRail HCI System Software 8.0.