Interactive Demo
PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance
Data Protection| 24 hrs

The PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance is an integrated solution that provides industry-leading de-duplication and data protection. The appliance offers backup, replication, instant access and restore, search, monitoring and reporting, cloud readiness with disaster recovery, and long-term retention to the cloud, in a single appliance. The appliance provides simple deployment, upgrades, enhanced security, and identity access management. In this lab, you will experience the initial configuration of the PowerProtect DataManager Appliance and its various capabilities.

The PowerStore Manager utilizes a simple to use HTML5 based interface with well laid out navigation flows.

In addition to exploring different pages, this lab covers various management tasks including the provisioning of volumes, file systems, and shares.


Demo Update History

01 May 2024

Lab Content Update

Addition of Storage Direct Protection and Restore module

Author: Scott DeFlamino