Explore how APEX Cloud Services with VMware Tanzu Services can deliver the scalable and easy to manage Kubernetes platform for organizations of all sizes in this interactive demo. By embracing as-a-Service operating models and delivering a modern application development environment your developers will have all the tools they need to innovate

Author: Ruairi Mongan

Learning outcomes


Interactive Demo
APEX Data Storage Services with Equinix

Explore the latest options for deploying APEX Data Storage Services, in Equinix IBX datacenters, with a real workload in mind

Interactive Demo
Exploring the APEX Console

Begin your as-a-service journey with the APEX console

Interactive Demo
VxRail 8.0

The VxRail 8.0 Interactive Demo covers the deployment, lifecycle management, and maintenance benefits of VxRail automation present in VxRail HCI System Software 8.0.