Hands-on Lab
APEX AIOps Infrastructure Observability (formerly called CloudIQ)
Data Storage| 24 hrs

APEX AIOps Infrastructure Observability  is an extension of your IT organization with storage analytics that drive business decisions, and enable you to:

Reduce TCO - Manage via the web from anywhere, increase self-service, and expedite quality resolutions - all at no charge. Expedite Time to Value - Get started in minutes with nothing to install. New features and capabilities are seamlessly and non-disruptively provided through APEX AIOps Infrastructure Observability. Increase Business Value - APEX AIOps Infrastructure Observability's Proactive Health Score provides an easy way to identify and understand potential vulnerabilities in the storage environment. The Predictive Analytics learn and adjust to your environment, to determine future capacity growth and performance needs.

This hands-on lab provides you with several modules that display the key functionality of APEX AIOps Infrastructure Observability. The lab covers these areas of APEX AIOps Infrastructure Observability: Monitor Health with the Proactive Health Score, Monitor Performance with Anomaly Detection and Metrics Browser, Monitor Capacity by viewing Pools Approaching Full and Reclaimable Storage, View key details up and down the storage stack from System to LUN or File System and Manage your APEX AIOps Infrastructure Observability Community and email notifications

Demo Update History

25 Jan 2024

New module added

Energy Usage, Power Consumption, and Carbon Footprint Insights

Author: Susan Sharpe, Derek Barboza

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